Biggest Daytime Party on Maui? Sundays at Little Beach

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Don’t miss 5:18 when the guy’s from Spain show you how they do it in their country!

How to find Maui’s Little Beach? It’s next to Big Beach, of course – everybody knows that!

Little Beach, on days other than Sunday – is quiet and you probably won’t see more than a handful of people that are just keeping to themselves.

Sunday at Little Beach is another story, entirely – with marijuana brownies, and brown bagged alcohol taking most inhibitions away and contributing to a big party atmosphere.

I have to admit – I’ve only been to Little Beach during the weekdays when there were few people – all of us naked. I can’t even spot one person in the video with a top or bottom off – but, maybe that was on purpose by the videographer. Not sure.

Have you been to the Maui Little Beach orgies? By “Orgy” I mean meaning drunken party – not that people are doing anything more than having a good, clean time.

Ok, here is one more video – with some drum circle action at a different party at the same Maui beach.

Do NOT miss the guy at :52 in his hand-woven skirt. Even if you don’t like bongo drums, you’ll want to see this guy.


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