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Moving to Hawaii – Not All Roses!

The following is an email - slightly edited - that I received a short while back from someone wanting to move to Hawaii. I didn't think she had a realistic chance for success. Sometimes the truth is hard to face. Hawaii can be an unforgiving place - money goes fast and dreams die faster in

Which Island to Look at When Moving to Hawaii – Email

Big Island Vog - sulfur dioxide from active volcano I sometimes turn email into an article about Hawaii here because: It takes time to read and respond to email, when I could be writing an article instead. Better to share whatever we're talking about related to Hawaii so more people can see what

Hawaii Bucket List (Dream List)

Koko Head climb near Hanauma Bay in Hawaii Kai, Oahu, Hawaii Sounds like such a lame name for such a great idea, bucket list. Who made that up? I'll have to think of a different name for it - list of dreams maybe... Hawaii Dream List? Yeah, that works. I heard the term

43 Things Locals in Hawaii Might Do…

If you've ever moved to Hawaii and stayed for any length of time, or were or are a local in the Hawaiian islands - this article is sure to bring back some memories and make you nod. This article is some of what living in Hawaii is all about. I hate to take you away

What is the Magic About Living in Hawaii?

Chinaman's Hat, Oahu, Hawaii - Copyright Flickr user Paul (dex). I felt my arms tingle with what can only be described as, pure magic, when I first got off the plane at Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on a very warm day in March of 1985. People on the plane cheered as it touched down

Living in Hawaii as Homeless

I just read an article about the homeless problem in Hawaii being the worst in the Nation. I'm wondering if anyone is surprised. Given Alaska or Hawaii, Nebraska or Hawaii, New York or Michigan or Hawaii to be living as homeless, and which state would you choose? Homeless doesn't mean dumb, it just means without