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Life in Hawaii – What’s it Like Living Hawaiian Style?

Bodyboarding and swimming at Honolua Beach, Maui, Hawaii. Something the whole family can enjoy when the waves are small. Living life in Hawaii is a dream for a lot of people. Many who can afford a vacation to the Hawaiian islands return home and are a little bit shell-shocked. In a good way.

Can You Conceive of the Possibility of Living in Paradise?

If you really want to make it happen, this could be you. I think many of us cannot even conceive of the idea of actually living in Hawaii, living in paradise. I know I certainly couldn't imagine it when I was at Keesler Air Force Base in 1984, having almost finished with "tech

Many Thoughts About Returning to Hawaii

Though not many people move there, Kauai has overwhelming natural beauty. If you're single - and have a chance - do it! I don't know that I've written a personal journal type article here within the last year or so. So here goes, some thoughts about moving back to Hawaii. I've been living

What Is Life Like in Hawaii?

Well, this might not be everyone's life in Hawaii, but it is Ryan Ozawa's! Here is a 1 second video grab with audio from every day in 2013.

Living in Hawaii

Living in Hawaii means you get views like this! Out of every ten visitors to the Hawaiian islands, at least five are wondering, "Is living in Hawaii possible for me?" And for every five that do wonder such a thing realistically maybe one can choose to live in Hawaii for any length

What Is It Like Living in Hawaii? This…

Ryan Ozawa is a well known blogger living on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, that I first came into contact with online about four years ago. His website, Hawaii Blog is one of the most widely read blogs about living in Hawaii that exist. I joined him on Google+ a while back. Today he posted