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Which Island is Best to Live On in Hawaii

Here is an email from a woman that is hoping to move to Hawaii with her husband and knows what is important to her for quality of living. I'll call her Sally. ****** She wrote.... Hello, I just stumbled over your site while I was doing some research on Hawaii. I was hoping you could

Oregonian Single Girl Wants to Live in Hawaii

This is an email from a woman in Oregon that has been to Hawaii multiple times, and is now considering living in the islands. ****** Sharon: Hi Vern! me: Hi ___! I will call her "Sharon", not her real name, but in the interest of privacy and all. Sharon: Thank you so much for writing your

Why Live in Hawaii? The Beaches!

At 12 years old, in the middle of the Allegheny Forest in Pennsylvania during deer hunting season, after having sat in the 18 degree freezing air for 12+ hours without seeing my uncles that said they were coming back for me in 4 hours - I realized something. I am not staying in the cold

What Are Some Good Reasons for Moving to Hawaii

I was thinking today about people that make it when they move to Hawaii, and people that don't. I mean, some people come to live in Hawaii and stay for the rest of their lives. Others, seem to give it a shot - realize it isn't for them, and leave. Still others come, and rebound

College Student Wants to Live in Hawaii

I received an email from a girl I'll call, "Lorie". She is a college student now and living on the mainland. She was thinking about going to live in Hawaii for college. She realizes it will be tough - but thought she would tough it out. Can a college student from the mainland USA go