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Moving To and Living in Hawaii 50 Reasons to Move to Hawaii!! 12 Reasons NOT to Move to Hawaii! Living in Hawaii, Should I Move to Hawaii? Want to Change Your Life? Move to Hawaii. What is the Magic About Living in Hawaii? Which Island is Right for You? What Is the Ideal Way to Move to

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Maui Hawaii Org – Jon Blum’s Maui Newsletter

If you are considering a move to Maui, then you should definitely sign up with Jon Blum's Maui Newsletter. Jon is a Maui resident that has heaps of information (hundreds of pages) about Maui that will save you money and time. In order to sign up, just go to Jon's HomePage - Maui Hawaii Org

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Things to Do on Maui?

Here's 10 things to do, courtesy of one of my favorite Hawaii blogs - thanks Liza! 10 Things to do on Maui > I can honestly say I've indulged in all of these except #4 - paddleboarding. Give me some time... I'll get there. Best of Life! Aloha, Peter Kay Want to Move to Hawaii?

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Maui’s Coolest Run (to the Sun) Cancelled

Maui had an annual run up the 10,000 foot volcano, Haleakala that was grueling and only for masochists apparently. Who can run 36.2+ miles up a hill? An entire marathon running up a hill? I've driven up that road to the top of Haleakala probably two dozen times. It's an awesome drive. I've

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Awesome Hawaii Website Idea

This is my idea being played out by someone that is actually going through with it. Heh-heh. You know we all have ideas about doing things that we never get started on. Back in 2004 I was considering going to all the top locations on Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Kauai to shoot video, photos,

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Awesome Hawaii Videography:

I'm subscribed to Dan's Maui, Hawaii blog via RSS feed and was looking at some of the videos there this morning. I'm very impressed. If you want to get a good idea what a beach looks like in Maui or anywhere in Hawaii, it's hard to get the big picture from a photo or

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