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Moving to HI – A Dream of Life in the Islands

This was a great email I got a couple weeks ago from a couple living in the mainland USA that were going to make a run of moving to Hawaii and that had a lot of questions. I'll do my best to answer below. Maybe your situation is similar? ****** Hi and thanks for you

What Are Some Good Reasons for Moving to Hawaii

I was thinking today about people that make it when they move to Hawaii, and people that don't. I mean, some people come to live in Hawaii and stay for the rest of their lives. Others, seem to give it a shot - realize it isn't for them, and leave. Still others come, and rebound

Physical Therapy Assistant Wants to Move to Hawaii Countryside

It's over 30 miles to the top of Haleakala Volcano on Maui - and yet, some cyclists are able to go up it. Most just pay for a van to drop them at the top and they cycle down. Image from Tony Crider at Creative Commons. Here is another reader email -

Moving to Hawaii – 2011 Chapter Review Video

I created 4 videos to take you through the chapters of the bestselling Amazon eBook - "Moving to Hawaii - 2011". Here are links to each... keep in mind that the videos just briefly introduce the topic and what I've covered more completely in the book. There is a lot more information for visitors looking

A Waitress Moving to Hawaii? Why Not?

If you are moving to Hawaii it means you have special circumstances. You're you. You're unique. Though I've written a lot about the subject, and you've read "Moving to Hawaii - 2011" at Amazon, you still may not be sure - can you make it if you move, or not? I'm going to occasionally put