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Maui Hawaii Org – Jon Blum’s Maui Newsletter

If you are considering a move to Maui, then you should definitely sign up with Jon Blum's Maui Newsletter. Jon is a Maui resident that has heaps of information (hundreds of pages) about Maui that will save you money and time. In order to sign up, just go to Jon's HomePage - Maui Hawaii Org

Moving to Maui (Follow-up)

Kihei, Maui beach with the West Maui Mountains in the distance. Here's a follow-up email to a response I gave a woman I called "Jen" at this post: Couple Thinking of Moving to Islands from Connecticut * * * Vern you're awesome! thanks! I talked it over with my husband and we are

Moving to Upcountry Maui and Selling Timeshares

Located in the upcountry of Maui near the Haleakala Volcana, the Kula Lavender Farm is one of the most picturesque settings I've ever been to. The upcountry gets a ton of rain, so the place is amazingly green. On top of that, the views from the farm take in the whole western half of

Living on Maui – 2 Kids, 2 Jobs, Online Dad, Mom Teaching

This is a photo of the West Maui Mountains. There always seems to be rain clouds above them, and it makes for some consistent rainbows. Maui is, to me, the best place to live in the Hawaiian Islands. Brian wrote me below, and told me just about everything I would have asked, so I'll be

Moving to Maui with Kids with Asthma

Lana'i island as looking from Maui. I just got this email not long ago and wanted to respond because I also have had asthma in the past a bit, and they're talking about moving to my favorite island - Maui. I'll answer the questions after he asks... * * * Hello my wife

Couple Thinking of Moving to Islands from Connecticut

The sun's rays peeking through the clouds and hitting the ocean in front of the West Maui Mountains... Ahhhh, Maui! Here is an email I got pretty recently about a husband and wife looking to move to one of the islands, but kind of going back and forth about choosing either Maui or