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What is the Point of Life?

Did you ever wonder about this question? Is it life's MOST important question? What is the Point of Life? IS there a point to life? If "yes", what could it possibly be? Is life a good thing to experience or a horrible thing to endure? Over the last five to six weeks I've been meditating

What is the Point of Life? Living in Hawaii!

Is it your desire in life - one of your top goals in life - to live in Hawaii? I wrote, "What is the Point of Life?" - a short ebook, a while back. So far it has been downloaded over 31,000 times, according to stats. I can believe it because I get a ton

What is the Point of Life? Ebook Update

Ok, the content for the What is the Point of Life? ebook is written from my side and I'm waiting on more people to contribute. I have a handful of promises and some friends have sent their paragraph or so to add to the book. If you haven't sent your opinion in - why not

What is the Point of Life – eBook

  New Project: What is the Point of Life eBook Participation: I need your help! The post, "What is the Point of Life?" I did in 2007 has been on my mind. There are over 150 comments there from people of all ages, all backgrounds... and I've done my best to answer many of the

“A Walk Around the Block” a Guestpost by MATRYOSHKA

Vern's note: This reader of my "What is the Point of Life" post commented a couple times and most recently I asked him if he'd mind me turning his comment into a complete post. How could I do anything but? His response was, "To me ideas are like fish swimming around in the sea of

What IS the Meaning of Life? Fun? God? $?

Is the meaning of life - FUN? I guess I'm on a quest for the meaning of life. I'm 42 and it's time I figured it all out. I'm giving myself until December this year, then I've got to have the answer. When I say I want to know what the meaning of