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Hawaii Happy Faced Spider (Theridion Grallator)

Hawaii doesn’t have snakes native to the islands, but…

Hawaii has this tiny – 4mm spider living on the undersides of leaves that comes out at night to hunt for food.

The cool thing is that it’s backend has a smiley face on it. Color and exact markings vary.

Native Hawaii Happy Faced Spider - Theridion Grallator

From Twitter's - SykoSid

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Arachnida
Order: Araneae
Suborder: Araneomorphae
Family: Theridiidae
Genus: Theridion
Species: T. grallator
Binomial name: Theridion grallator
Discovered by Simon, 1900

Kind of funny how scientists are so brazen about saying they discovered a species… as if nobody knew about it before. All the Hawaiians never saw this spider before, right? It took Simon to say it existed.

Like Captain Cook discovering Hawaii. How ridiculous… Wiki.answers.com when answering the question – Who Discovered Hawaii? Says…

Apart from the Hawaiians, the person who ‘discovered’ Hawaii was Capt James Cook.”

Apart from the Hawaiians? How can you SAY THAT? It’s like me saying, “Apart from the Hawaiians, Cpt James Cook, and the millions of people that visit there every year, the person that ‘discovered’ Hawaii was blogger, Vern Lovic in 1984.”

Like Columbus discovering America, right?

When are our history books going to be rewritten with some TRUTH to them?

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  • laurie

    can you learn a little bit more of the happy spider because im so fasenated in them.

    laurie :D :D

  • Linda

    Hi Vern,

    I hear what you’re saying about our history books not telling the truth.

    I’m sure you read the book, the Lies My Teacher Told Me. I met James Loewen, too! He’s very, very funny. He even knew I was from Hawaii (’cause of da accent, ah?)

    I enjoyed reading this article. It was very interesting.

    :) Linda

    • Hi Linda, Thanks for writing!

      I haven’t read that book but sounds like something I’d enjoy. Yes, quite hard to mistake the Hawaiian accent! Cheers Linda… stay well. PS – what in the world are you doing awake so early? Or, are you not in Hawaii now?

      • Linda

        Hi Vern,

        Nope! I’m not in Hawaii (yet), but home bound with a one-way ticket a week from now. Woo hoo! It’s funny when people hear my accent and think I’m from Canada. That’s a laugh.

        I subscribed to your site a while back, and read about what’s going on back home. You’ve got a great site. I’ve told my friends about it (they’re also moving to Hawaii). They did not like hearing that Hawaii gets to 90 degrees. I said it’s not that bad! We get trade winds. ;)

        I highly recommend reading that book. James Loewen has another book, too, where he talks about how the King Kamehameha statue is actually in the form of a Roman soldier. Pretty interesting reading!

        A hui hou!

        Linda :)

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