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  • Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle

About Hawaii’s local culture of being humble

Being humble is a big deal in Hawaii. We always look for cues as to whether someone is humble or not.

37 breathtaking homes in Hawaii from another Facebook friend

I'm so blessed to have such talented friends on Facebook! My friend David Tonnes is an extremely talented photographer and this

  • Sunset as viewed from summit of Haleakala Volcano, Maui, Hawaii

Five great sunset photos from a good friend

One of my good friends, Iris Takahashi, is a very talented photographer and occasionally posts photos on Facebook. I was luck

Magic at Makapuu in the Morning

Hawaii is full of magic moments and one morning I had this one which begged to be shared. I made a

Why living in Hawaii feels great!

What's so great about living in Hawaii anyway? I've lived here for 35 years now and I thought about these simple

  • Girl on top of mountain

What makes Hawaii’s people great!

A nearly universally accepted truth is that Hawaii's people are awesome.  There are are countless reasons why and in this article

How will moving to Hawaii affect your family relationships?

Family is a huge part of everyone's life and moving to Hawaii will have a profound effect on your family relationships.

  • Hawaii has a healthy lifestyle

How Hawaii will make you healthier

Yes!  Living in Hawaii will make you healthier!  And I've got 5 reasons why in this video. Take a look, subscribe

  • beach with rocks

What things makes Hawaii great that few know about?

Everyone knows about Hawaii's natural beauty is what makes it great but what about the lesser known things that really make

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