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Pono: Ancient Hawaiian Belief System Videos

I'm absolutely spellbound by this series of videos. I just watched the first two, and am queuing up the third. There are 6 videos in this Pono series. If you are interested in the ancient Hawaiian beliefs... you will love listening to this man talking about his experience growing up, the influence of his father,

Pono: Ancient Hawaiian Belief System Videos2017-05-18T20:52:56-10:00

Language, Culture, Friends, and Social Life in Hawaii

Hawaii's Laid Back Lifestyle Sure, everyone works in Hawaii. Well, most do. But, even though everyone is working here is this underlying attitude that life is not about work. The people living in Hawaii understand well that the secret to a happy life is about what you’re doing outside of work. Work-style is a little

Language, Culture, Friends, and Social Life in Hawaii2018-12-21T07:55:06-10:00

Duke Kahanamoku History – Video

Duke Kahanamoku Video - a video done by Hawaiian students I presume. It kind of dies out abruptly at the end, but it has so much good information I thought it was worth posting: I happened to find an old video from 1963 with some surfing footage at one of my favorite places in Hawaii

Duke Kahanamoku History – Video2017-05-18T20:53:00-10:00