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Private Charter Plane to Hawaii – to Ensure Pets Fly Safely

This was an email that just came in from Amy. She wants to fly her Great Dane dog to Hawaii and isn't confident about shipping it in a large jet airliner's cargo compartment (and who is?). She came up with a work-around that involves finding a few other pet owners to share a private charter

Can a Single Mom with Two Children Move to Hawaii to Teach?

Is it possible for a single mom - or dad with two children to move to Hawaii from the mainland USA to be a teacher in the Hawaii school system? I received a comment today from a woman that wants to move to Hawaii and teach school. She's the single mom of two children and

One Year in Hawaii Before College – A Reader’s Question

I just received a question through our contact form from a girl who is graduating from high school and she wants to go to Hawaii for a year just to have the experience. I wish more young people would do this! But, that isn't saying I recommend everyone should do it. Here's her note: "Dear

Moving to and Living in the Islands of Hawaii

Did You Ever Consider Moving to Hawaii? Want to know what is involved? We just dropped the price from $14.99 to $9.99 Grab yours now. Or, click here to see the main index of Hawaii articles.

50 Reasons To Move To Hawaii!

Why Should You Move to the Hawaiian Islands?? Here Are 50 Amazing Reasons to Move to Hawaii! 1. Completely Change Your Life! You're still in the USA, so normal creature comforts that you are accustomed to still exist. But the opportunity to radically change your life and breathe new air so to speak, is right

Moving to Hawaii with a Guaranteed Job – Cold Feet

A woman just wrote me this morning to tell me she has a guaranteed job in Hawaii working alongside two co-workers she knew back on the mainland. I just woke up, but I thought I'd hurry up and talk her back into the move before she backed out!