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12 Reasons You Should NOT Move to Hawaii!

Here's where I try to talk you out of paradise by telling you some major reasons you should not move to Hawaii. Typically, nearly everything I write about the islands is through a positive lens - I talk about the amazing, the awesome, the glowing aspects of living life in the Hawaiian Islands. IS IT

Moving to Hawaii? Here’s What I’d Take…

Don't bring your Cessna, horses, houseboat, or sheep to the Hawaiian Islands when you move. Just bring yourself and start all over living a new life in an unbeatable paradise. I keep thinking about moving back to Maui or Oahu and I indulge myself by planning out what I'd take with me. Do

Want to Change Your Life? Move to Hawaii

Moving to Hawaii will change you in a deep and meaningful way. It's the most awesome place there is to live, for me. I've been here most of my life, since the mid '80s. Vern stayed for five years on Oahu and just over a year on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Hawaii is still

Private Charter Plane to Hawaii – to Ensure Pets Fly Safely

This was an email that just came in from Amy. She wants to fly her Great Dane dog to Hawaii and isn't confident about shipping it in a large jet airliner's cargo compartment (and who is?). She came up with a work-around that involves finding a few other pet owners to share a private charter

Can a Single Mom with Two Children Move to Hawaii to Teach?

Is it possible for a single mom - or dad with two children to move to Hawaii from the mainland USA to be a teacher in the Hawaii school system? I received a comment today from a woman that wants to move to Hawaii and teach school. She's the single mom of two children and

One Year in Hawaii Before College – A Reader’s Question

I just received a question through our contact form from a girl who is graduating from high school and she wants to go to Hawaii for a year just to have the experience. I wish more young people would do this! But, that isn't saying I recommend everyone should do it. Here's her note: "Dear