Questions about moving to Hawaii

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Single and Self-Employed Moving to Oahu

This stretch of beach is usually about this crowded on a nice day. I received this email about someone considering moving to Oahu recently and I reply below. Hi Vern, I just finished your book about living in Hawaii - I thought it was a good resource, and you mentioned you welcomed emails

College Student Moving to Waikiki

I got this email recently from a girl that is looking to move to Waikiki after she graduates. She asks a lot of questions, so there is a good opportunity to help a lot of people in a similar situation so I thought I'd try to knock this post out real quick before I get

Couple Thinking of Moving to Islands from Connecticut

The sun's rays peeking through the clouds and hitting the ocean in front of the West Maui Mountains... Ahhhh, Maui! Here is an email I got pretty recently about a husband and wife looking to move to one of the islands, but kind of going back and forth about choosing either Maui or

Vet Technologist Moving California to Oahu – Questions / Answers

This note came in at the turn of the year, It has been a couple of weeks to respond to it, sorry about that but I get blitzed with emails sometimes, and over the holidays it has been that way. I still have about eight emails to get to from the past - but I

Recent College Graduates Moving to Hawaii?

Here is a note I received this morning from a mother concerned that her son is being unrealistic about moving to Hawaii. For the time being I am able to create posts here to reply quickly. Jump on this opportunity, because when I get bogged down again it sometimes takes weeks, sometimes months. * *

Texas Civil Engineer Moving to Live in Hawaii

Want to do construction in Hawaii? Maybe you'll have a job working on the beach!? Photo courtesy of pasa47 at, used with creative commons license. This note is from a rather young man, 23, that is currently living in Texas and considering moving to Hawaii. He'd like some advice on different topics.