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Recent College Graduates Moving to Hawaii?

Here is a note I received this morning from a mother concerned that her son is being unrealistic about moving to Hawaii. For the time being I am able to create posts here to reply quickly. Jump on this opportunity, because when I get bogged down again it sometimes takes weeks, sometimes months. * *

Texas Civil Engineer Moving to Live in Hawaii

Want to do construction in Hawaii? Maybe you'll have a job working on the beach!? Photo courtesy of pasa47 at, used with creative commons license. This note is from a rather young man, 23, that is currently living in Texas and considering moving to Hawaii. He'd like some advice on different topics.

Retiring in Hawaii on $7,000 Per Month – Possible?

This was an email I got recently. I think they'll have no problem living on $7,000 per month on any island, considering they don't care about owning a home. I respond after the email. ***** Hi there, Just purchased your book (Moving to Hawaii 2012 - Is Living in Paradise for You?)and have a question

Oregonian Single Girl Wants to Live in Hawaii

This is an email from a woman in Oregon that has been to Hawaii multiple times, and is now considering living in the islands. ****** Sharon: Hi Vern! me: Hi ___! I will call her "Sharon", not her real name, but in the interest of privacy and all. Sharon: Thank you so much for writing your

Dental Hygienist Has Questions About Living in Hawaii

Here is a short email from a reader of my "Moving to Hawaii" ebook. If you are also a reader of this book, or a reader of this blog, you can feel free to send me email anytime and ask anything at all about living in, moving to the Hawaiian islands. I will be the