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Texas Civil Engineer Moving to Live in Hawaii

Want to do construction in Hawaii? Maybe you'll have a job working on the beach!? Photo courtesy of pasa47 at, used with creative commons license. This note is from a rather young man, 23, that is currently living in Texas and considering moving to Hawaii. He'd like some advice on different topics.

19 Year Old Computer Engineer Wants to Live in Hawaii

Here is an interesting letter I got through email - from a 19 year old guy that seems smitten with Hawaii, he's taking Hawaiian language class for god's sake! I love getting email from young people - and 19 is quite young to be thinking so intensely about moving to and living in Hawaii! I

Retiring in Hawaii on $7,000 Per Month – Possible?

This was an email I got recently. I think they'll have no problem living on $7,000 per month on any island, considering they don't care about owning a home. I respond after the email. ***** Hi there, Just purchased your book (Moving to Hawaii 2012 - Is Living in Paradise for You?)and have a question

Oregonian Single Girl Wants to Live in Hawaii

This is an email from a woman in Oregon that has been to Hawaii multiple times, and is now considering living in the islands. ****** Sharon: Hi Vern! me: Hi ___! I will call her "Sharon", not her real name, but in the interest of privacy and all. Sharon: Thank you so much for writing your

Dental Hygienist Has Questions About Living in Hawaii

Here is a short email from a reader of my "Moving to Hawaii" ebook. If you are also a reader of this book, or a reader of this blog, you can feel free to send me email anytime and ask anything at all about living in, moving to the Hawaiian islands. I will be the

Planning for Big Island Living in Hawaii in 7 Years

Here is the first of a new batch of living in Hawaii emails I got over the past half month or so. Again, I prefer to respond to emails by posting at the site here because: I just wouldn't have time to give everyone a personal email back that writes to ask about the viability