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  • Jasmine

    Hi! Im going to be moving to the big island for college (UH Manoa) and i just need a good estimate on how much its going to cost to ship everything and take me to hawaii lol and basically just helpful tips and advice! Thankyou

    • Hi Jasmine,

      Have you been to the U of Hawaii on Big Island yet? I suggest you go visit the place first. Then, read my book – available on all pages here. Then maybe search twitter for people living on Big Island – students. Find a group that way, and add them at facebook. I think you said you have a couple years before you go. You might not even make it over there in that amount of time. You have a lot of research to do. Why not go to University of Hawaii Manoa? Oh wait a sec. You said UHM is on Big Island. It is on Oahu.

      I don’t think ship anything, you’re a student, what do you need? Leave your personal stuff home except computer, bike, and some clothes. :)

  • Ann

    How current is your website? I don’t see dates. Wondering if you’ve learned more about options to cargo for getting a dog from the mainland to Oahu.

    • There are plenty of airlines that will ship your dog to Hawaii. Some people were considering chartering a plane to fly their animals over, and that was over a year ago. Not sure how they got along with that. There are public and private options.

  • Alana

    Hi Vern,
    Your site is really helpful, thanks! I am thinking of moving to Kauai in June and I am researching the place. I just wondered if it is possible for an online college student who has about $11,500 in savings could find a full time job in Kauai and could make it without starving? I am also wondering what your thoughts on finding roommates are? I haven’t heard of any roommate scams but I just want to make sure I don’t find myself in that situation. Any tips or comments would be appreciated.


  • Gina

    Hi, Vern,

    Came across your blog today…
    Just wanted to say that I admire you for writing out your life’s bio – My life has been different, too…maybe not quite as interesting as yours, though.

    I, too, am in the process of rebuilding and am planning to move to Maui, in time…been there 9 times and love it…never been to another island, and wouldn’t mind if I never leave there once I move…

    Good luck to you, in finding your way back ~

    I’ll read more on here, in time.
    Thanks for sharing, and best wishes,

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    Hope that helps!

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