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Home Based Business Startup in Hawaii

Ocean view office, Waikiki, Honolulu, HawaiiOne of the big problems in Hawaii is that there are limited opportunities for work. There are specific industries that do well on an island – and there are few of them. The military provides a lot of jobs, and the major industry in Hawaii is of course, tourism.

If you’re having trouble finding a job that will enable you to move to Hawaii, or if you’re already living in Hawaii and you don’t feel like your current job is either too stable or just what you envisioned doing for the rest of your life (handing out flyers in Waikiki for instance)… read on.

Since I left high school in 1984 I’ve worked many different jobs – and nothing has ever come close to what I’m experiencing now – working from home. I’ve worked at home for about twelve years of the last thirty. About 30% of my working life. I intend it to be the same for the next twenty-five years too, I probably don’t have to tell you. Working at home on projects I choose is an amazing freedom that I wish everyone could duplicate. Many of you can, but you need a push to get out and do it.

First off you probably need training in something or you’d already be doing your home based business. Training will enable you to get away from your current “working for the man” status and create a startup business that’s yours and that you will spend the next couple decades making “work”.

I’m working on some training projects now over at my business startup and ebusiness training site, www.IncZen.com and my goal is that it helps people gain the needed skills for getting away from “jobs” and getting into creating their own company and working from home.

The courses will be about technology topics essential for starting your business – like:

  • Getting your business up and running on a WordPress site – ASAP
  • FTP – how to
  • Getting website hosting and domain names
  • Incorporating your small – 1 or 2 person business safely and correctly
  • Using Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook, and other social media tools for your business
  • Building your email lists and starting email campaigns easily and immediately
  • EMarketing
  • Affiliate programs – how to join one, how to create one
  • YouTube videos as a business? Making enough income just from YouTube
  • Google Adsense, Adwords, Email, Split-Page Tests, SEO, Analytics – everything Google basically
  • Audio Podcasting for dollars

Those are some of the initially planned topics. I want to give technical expertise as well as ideas for what kinds of activities you could get started in today in order to create income while living in Hawaii.

Living in Hawaii gives you an incredible jump-start over someone living in Iowa for instance. There are opportunities that you have for creating something amazing that people in Iowa don’t have. Hawaiian tourism will return – it can’t NOT return to such a mind-blowing place. When it does – what can you have in place to capitalize on those millions of visitors?

There are a number of other places you can start getting up to speed on technology topics and how to get started in your home based business. My friend Randy has a home based business site that is jam-packed with very helpful tips on how to get started and maintaining your home based business. Have a look there and see how many articles you can read today about it.

I’ll start releasing my training courses about October. The format will be big screen video. Each course will be very affordable – probably something in the neighborhood of $39 per course.  I’d much rather be able to affect many people with the ebusiness courses than just a few that can afford a high-cost course, so the prices will be as affordable as they possibly can be. Head over to IncZen.com and sign up for my email newsletter so you can be alerted to new business courses as they come out. I’ll also be offering some free courses to newsletter subscribers – so, if you’re on the list you’ll have access to some completely free ebusiness courses.

Living in Hawaii and working at home must be two of the ultimate ways possible that we can live our lives. If you’re already living in the Hawaiian islands – you’re halfway there. Go the rest of the way and figure out a way you can work from home.


There are hundreds of possibilities you can choose from. Get started now and do something every day to get toward the goal of working for yourself and working at home. Your outlook will improve. The satisfaction you feel inside will skyrocket. The time you have to do things that you cannot do now tied to your traditional job will open right up. What good is living in Hawaii and working ten hours daily for someone else? It’s not uncommon in Hawaii to work two and three jobs – including weekends.

When does it end?

It ends when you start moving toward a goal of distancing yourself from all of that.

It ends when you start doing something every single day toward getting away from that life style.

It ends when you say it ends.

When does it end?



Learn more about Moving to, Living in, and Working in Hawaii:

(Photo from Love-Janine at Flickr.com, creative commons)

About the author: Moving to Hawaii was one of the most amazing moves ever. I strongly encourage you to consider it if you’re in the financial position to make it work. Living in Hawaii has a fair bit of both positive and negative experiences awaiting each of us who give it a try. Read some of the articles here and try to get a feel for whether you might thrive in the islands. I wrote an entire book on the subject and it’s usually less than $5. It’s up there on the right side column. Best of luck and life to you! Aloha! – Vern L.

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  • Janet Kinsey

    Hi Vern,
    I own and operate a successful private music studio in our home here in Ontario, Canada. I am the sole teacher , teaching piano and voice to a number of students ranging in ages from 4 years to 80 years, including a number of special needs students. We are beginning to consider a move to Hawaii and I am wondering if this type of business might be viable there and whether or not a work visa / green card is required for a home-based private business. Thanks for any help you can provide. ( I also possess a Bachelor of Education degree so am a qualified school teacher here in Canada),
    Janet Kinsey

  • Angela Chenoweth

    Hi Vern!

    I am interested in your home-based business courses. Have you started to offer them yet?

    Let me know!


    Angela Chenoweth

  • Robin Hill

    I am interested in your classes, website, etc. please keep me updated!

    Mahalo nui loa,


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