What is the Weather Like Year Round in Hawaii?

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Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii - aerial view of beach and snorkelers

Hanauma Bay by W Koscielniak is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Image may have been resized or cropped from original. The sun at Hanauma Bay, Oahu, Hawaii can really bake snorkelers – use good waterproof sunblock!The weather in Hawaii – along with the amazing natural beauty of the islands – make it a paradise.

The weather in the summertime is hot. In Waikiki in the summer there isn’t much wind – and some days can be above 90F and very humid too. I remember laying on the sand in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki and sweating like I never have before. The sand soaks up the heat and it can really beat down on you and burn the heck out of your skin.

The sun in Hawaii is different from the sun in Pennsylvania – where I was raised. I remember getting burned on my forehead and shoulders the first time in Hawaii. After a couple days my skin hardened into a crust and I peeled off huge scabs of skin!

The sun is nothing to mess with in Hawaii – get some 50+ sunscreen if you’ll be out all day. Regardless if you never burned on the mainland, you’re considerably more south than the mainland USA. You’re within the tropic of Cancer – and you can feel that the strength of the sun is so much more intense.

Winters in Hawaii are very mild. I remember just a handful of days and nights where I was breathing smoke – fog – because the air was so cool. It didn’t stay like that all day – just in the morning and night. It doesn’t even happen every year, just once in a while when the weather is “right” or “wrong” – however you look at it.

Living in Hawaii is a great experience – if you haven’t tried it – I strongly suggest you do before you die. If you can make it work – you could live there the next 30 years or so – right?

Get a life!


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I’ve lived Hawaii since the mid ‘80s when I moved here at the age of 21. I arrived site-unseen in Honolulu with zero contacts and about $5k in savings. I worked from nearly zero and today Hawaii has given me the greatest gifts in the world in all aspects: spiritually, financially, romantically (married since early ‘90s w/ 2 children), and most important, peace. My goal with this site is to share the magic of this Land of Aloha and help others who are on a similar quest.


  1. Mary Elsener 10/31/2010 at 4:26 pm - Reply

    At 4,000 ft., Volcano Village is one of the highest elevation residential areas on the Big Island with beautifully mild temperatures, low relative humidity, virtually no mosquitoes, and a year-round growing season.

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  2. hawaiicomedy 06/23/2010 at 5:15 am - Reply

    Great post, Vern! :)

    Eye protection is also important. Tinted sunglasses are good, and polarized versions are even better. Hawaii weather can easily dry out your eyes so eye drops are also recommended.

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