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Besides Bellows Beach, a post by Sheila Scarborough covers 10 more places to stay in Hawaii for military families that are thinking of visiting the Hawaiian islands.

Most of these places to stay are on the island of Oahu, but there are a couple more – two on Big Island, Hawaii and one on Kauai. I didn’t know about any of these locations on these two islands.

Staying in Hawaii is expensive no matter where you stay and what you plan on doing. Any little bit of cash you can save by roughing it can be applied to doing more activities. Everything costs money and if you are only going to visit Hawaii once in your lifetime – better to make it the best time you can possibly make it.

Above in the photo is one of my favorite places to stay in the world. Bellows Air Force Station (Bellows AFS, Bellows Beach) where military can rent a cabin for cheap rates and the public can camp overnight at the beach. A very fun time you can have in Hawaii on a budget.

See Sheila’s post here:

11 Places for Military Families to Stay in Hawaii (and save some cash!)

Photo credit: RKHawaii, a user sharing with Creative Commons License.

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  1. Robert 09/24/2012 at 10:15 pm - Reply

    This beach has the most sand of the beaches on Oahu. The turquoise-colored water makes an awesome backdrop for our wedding photos at Waimanalo Beach.

  2. Sheila Scarborough 12/09/2009 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    Hi Vern,

    Thanks for the link and recommendations. When I was stationed in Hawaii myself, I tried to rent a Bellows Beach cabin a couple of times, but they were always sold out. Successful renters advised me to book as early as possible; guess I never moved fast enough. :)

    • Vern 12/09/2009 at 8:58 pm - Reply

      No problem – excellent article you wrote about finding a place in Hawaii. When I was there we had a group of us that would be calling all the time to get reservations. Sometimes we had 2-3 cabins at a time. Those were the good old days (I think). About 1985-1988. I always wondered why there were ever vacancies at all. Such an amazing place…

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