Is Living on Maui Today Anything Like This 1964 Video?

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Teresa Nelle (@Travel_Gal) posted a Twitter link to this 1964 video (below) about visiting Ka’anapali, Maui. I found it fun to watch, what was really interesting was that the island has not changed all that much in nearly 50 years. Sure there are more developments, but it is remarkable that the entire island isn’t covered in resorts.

The video is focused on the high-end traveler to Maui from areas like California, New York, Chicago… Golf, excellent cuisine, the relaxing life afforded by only the rich – was who Ka’anapali was for in the past, obviously.

Today that is not the case. Thousands of families visit West Maui each year and they come from all over the USA and the world. I’d say the focus is now on families instead of the rich single or married, and retired travelers.


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