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No idea who this is narrating the video, would have been nice to put a credit here – but it isn’t in the video. This is a flight from Oahu over to Molokai on a small plane on a very windy day. The winds look severe – 20 knot gusts or so. I’ve been on a small plane on Oahu – just flying around with my roommate who just got his pilot’s license. A storm kicked up and we were blown all over the place. We had to change airport we were landing at – twice. We had literally zero visibility when we landed in a torrential downpour at Dillingham Airfield on the northwest corner of Oahu. Never again…

However, on a nice calm day with sunshine – seeing the Hawaiian islands by helicopter or small plane is HIGHLY recommended. The beauty of the islands from the air is unsurpassed at ground level. I guess this why I climbed the Ko’olau Mountains on Oahu so much – the view over Kailua was something I couldn’t believe. Perfect country…

This flight seems much more calm – and Molokai looks so remote. I’ve never been to Molokai, I think a high percentage of residents on the other islands – haven’t been either. Have you?

I am quite sure I couldn’t live there for very long – even in the biggest “city”. Maui though… missing Maui every time I see videos of Hawaii…


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