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  • Nina

    Hi I’m a high school senior American Japanese living in Hong Kong (TCK).
    I’ve been accepted to a private school in Boston (great program), but my gut screams University of Hawaii Manoa. I keep hearing about the high costs of living and island fever, but I feel like I can manage it slightly because HK has a high cost of living, and I live on an outlying island away from the city itself.

    I plan to apply for residency (buy an apartment & have a part-time job) here, because my parents believe that in the long run it will pay back with room-mate rent income alongside the difference between a resident and an out-of-state tuition fee. Whereabouts would you recommend that I buy a 3 bedroom apartment in? At the moment I want to know about convenience and safety, for as “spoiled” as it sounds, my family is currently comfortable with savings.

    Personally, do you think that it’s a bad idea that I aim to live in Hawaii for 5yrs during my university life? I fell in love with the its history, and I feel like I will regret my potential “other” life that I could have had if I go to Boston instead. Despite this, I have to think rationally about at least finding a job (full/part-time). I am currently planning to major in education, but I want to change it immediately to Marketing, Sociology, Poli Science (mix of major/minors). After/during my BA, I would most likely get a teaching certificate so I have the option of being a teacher.

    What are your thoughts on this? Truly appreciated!

  • David

    Hi Vern,
    Do I need a visa to retire to Oahu? I am 65 but still fit would I be able to do Handyman work?

    • I don’t know David, I don’t keep up with immigration / work permit issues, it’s too overwhelming and it changes often. Sorry!

  • -What Paperwork etc. Are Required., ‘Should you want to move to Hawaii, from South Africa.. ??

    • No idea. I don’t offer advice for people wanting to move from other countries. Number 1, it’s changing all the time. Number 2, it is different depending which country you are coming from. You will have to do a lot of research to figure it out!

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